Environmental protection and energy efficiency are top priorities of Sofia Med S.A. management and the latter are of prime importance in the implementation of the main production and auxiliary activities and cannot be subject of any compromises.

The Company is committed to operate with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and the society. Sound environmental management and effective use of natural resources are our most important targets and are absolutely essential to the sustainability of our activities.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in the manufacturing industry worldwide.

Our mission is to generate sustainable growth and create value through the excellence of our people, products and services, respecting environment and society.

Sofia Med integrates the values of ethical behaviour, honesty, responsibility, and open communication in all its business activities.

Within the framework of the environmental and energy management, Sofia Med S.A. sets the following strategic objectives:

  • Sustainable use of natural resources and prevention of environmental pollution
  • Improvement of the energy performance and reducing the energy costs

Main priorities for achieving the said objectives are as follows:

  • compliance with applicable legal and other requirements related to use and consumption of energy, as well as to energy efficiency;
  • maintaining of compliance with obligations concerning environmental protection and related to activities, processes and products of the company and their aspects;
  • identification and control of aspects, impacts and environment associated risks;
  • waste management;
  • efficient energy use;
  • readiness to act in case of emergency situations;
  • continuous improvement of the system performance.

For policy implementation, the management of the company commits itself to:

  • having a leading role, timely ensuring of resources in order to meet the targets and objectives;
  • applying  the best available techniques in manufacturing of products made of copper and copper alloys;
  • implementing measures to optimize the energy and resource consumption;
  • maintaining of multistage, specialized and reliable monitoring and control of the key performance indicators of activities, processes, products and resources, which have significant impact on environment or are associated with significant energy use;
  • maintain and develop a modern and effective system for selection, qualification and motivation of the personnel;
  • maintain and develop a system of methods and means for self-control and self-assessment of the activities;
  • ensure transparency and participation in an open dialogue with all stakeholders on environmental management and energy efficiency issues; 
  • impose strict requirements on its suppliers for the implementation of the corporate policy of Sofia Med S.A.;
  • support the purchase of energy efficient products and services;
  • conduct regular reviews of the system in order to ensure its up-to-date and adequacy;
  • ensure understanding, implementation and maintenance of the declared policy to all levels within the organization.

The objective of the management is to continuously increase the degree and culture of behavior in the company concerning environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, in compliance with the international standards and ISO 50001, considering the requirements, needs and expectations of interested parties, of applicable standards and criteria for implementation of its products.


May, 2018