Health and Safety

The main goal and priority of Sofia Med Management is continuous improvement of health and safety working conditions. The engagements in this area have been announced in the Health and Safety Policy for which implementation Health and Safety Management System has been established according to BS OHSAS 18001 Standard.

Sofia Med is committed to improve Health and safety by extensive training and awareness programs. We invest in their continuous development and training.

Sofia Med collaborates with state institutions, technical high schools and universities. Scholarships and in house training are available to students and university graduates.




Health and safety at work assurance is a responsibility for Sofia Med SA Management with a certain and careful approach to the workers and to the society as a whole. It is determining for realizing of all the investment, day to day activities, ecological, technological and organizational decisions.


Taking this responsibility the Management of Sofia Med SA declares that:

1. The principle for assuring Health and Safety at all the working places and the continuous improvement of the working conditions are in complete accordance with the applicable legal requirements and the corporative instructions of Viohalco Group and are the basis of the Company policy.

2. Our goal is to reach zero number of accidents, professional diseases, injuries and incidents at work in purpose to keep the safety, health and prosperity of all the personnel including the subcontractors, who work on the territory of Sofia Med. This will raise the satisfaction of our clients and improve the quality of our production.

3. Individual responsibilities and tasks for all the employees have been created according to the company policy and their active participation in activities, connected with Health and Safety at work, is being stimulated.

4. Continuous and open dialog with the workers representatives is being held concerning the working conditions management via work of the Working Conditions Committee and Committee for Information and Interests Co-ordination.

5. Provision of all the necessary resources (financial, human and material) for the execution of Health and Safety policy is of a high priority.

6. Proactive approach of a Health and Safety management system is being applied based on:

  • periodical assessment and management of the production risk with the participation of the personnel of Sofia Med SA;
  • continuous documented training and information exchange with employees and all third parties concerning the possible risks at work and methods for their elimination and limitation;
    • monitoring of the parameters of the working environment;
    • regular inspections done by the Health and Safety at Work Department and Health and Safety at Work auditors team in purpose to undertake corrective actions.

7. Health and Safety at Work Management System has been created, implemented and certified according to the International Standard BS OHSAS 18001, the requirements of national legislation, the corporative instructions of Viohalco Group, scientific and technical achievements and good practices.

8. The System is being reviewed and assessed annually for efficiency and adequacy concerning all the legal requirements in purpose to be constantly improved.


For the successful implementation of the Health and safety at Work Policy, the Management of Sofia Med SA requires from all the managers and employees of the company and from all who work on its territory to demonstrate in daily work high professionalism and responsible behaviour concerning Health and Safety at work. Everybody also has to follow strictly the requirements written in the System’s Documents and to participate actively in its functioning and development in order for it to be continuously improved.


November 2013

General Manager

/Dr. Ioannis Papadimitriou/