Sofia Med has an Environmental Management System, certified according to the international standard ISO 14001:2004. In the recent years, a number of investments in various technologies have allowed the company to increase further the use of recycled materials.




The environmental protection is a high priority of SOFIA MED S.A. management which means that it has a primary importance in the implementation of its main production and auxiliary activities and cannot be a subject of compromises.

Strategic target of the management is the continuous increasing of the rate and the culture of eco-efficient behavior of the company in conformity with the international standard ISO 14001, the requirements, needs and expectations of all interested parties, and the modern international standards and criteria for implementation of its products and processes and considering the achievements and the best practices of the leading industrialized countries.

The following are the main priorities:

  • environment protection;
  • continuous improvement and pollution prevention through adoption of general and specific objectives and targets;
  • fulfil compliance obligations on the environment protection related to activities, processes and products of the company and their aspects;
  • consecutively and continuous implementation, analysis and development of a system of methods and means for self-control and self-assessment of the activities;
  • building and development of a modern and effective system for personnel selection, qualification and motivation;
  • ensuring the necessary resources for implementation of the environmental policy;
  • providing conditions for understanding, implementation and maintaining of the environmental policy at all levels in the company;
  • implementation of multistage, application specific and reliable monitoring and control of the parameters and the key characteristics of the actions, processes, products and resources having significant impact on the environment;
  • implementation of the best available techniques in the manufacturing of products from copper, zinc and their alloys;
  • achieving the planned objectives and results;
  • identifying and controlling the environment-related risks;
  • lay down strict requirements to its suppliers in order to observe the environmental protection principles of SOFIA MED S.A.

The management of the company applies the following principles in order to implement its environmental policy:

  • leading role and commitment of the management in the field of environmental management;
  • planning, organization, analysis and control of the activities;
  • maintenance of permanent readiness and ability for reaction in case of emergency situations;
  • optimization of the resources and energy consumption;
  • periodical reviews in order the efficiency of the environmental system to be maintained while the opinion and the interests of the parties concerned to be considered;
  • continuous improvement of the environmental management system (EMS) through periodic reviews,

as well as principles of operation under full transparency and participation in an open dialogue on environmental issues with all stakeholders.

According to the environmental policy, the company has implemented and certified an EMS with a scope of manufacturing of products made of copper, zinc and their alloys, as a part of an Integrated Management System for quality, environment and health and safety at work in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

For the successful Environmental Policy implementation the Management of SOFIA MED S.A. requires from all the managers and employees of the company and from all who work on its territory to demonstrate in daily work high professionalism and responsible behaviour concerning the Environment. Everybody also has to follow strictly the requirements written in theEMS’s Documents and to participate actively in the functioning and development in order for it to be continuously improved.

December, 2016