The satisfaction of the customer is a policy and priority of the company.

The application of the Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2008 is based on the Quality Policy.

In conformity to its policy, the targets of the company are:

  • High quality of its products in order to meet regulatory requirements and satisfy the clients' needs as well as maintaining at the same time a high degree of effectiveness
  • Maintaining and improving the company good reputation regarding quality, customer service and reliability
  • Continuous adaptation to the new needs of the market
  • Partnerships with customer targeting the development of proper per case products

In order to achieve these targets, the company provides:

  • Fully trained personnel
  • Reliable organization
  • Machinery and tools of latest technology
  • Modern methods of production
  • Quality control instruments
  • Sales technical support

The Management is responsible for ensuring the company's commitment towards the Quality and at the same time significant efforts are made for the improvement of the products and services . Constant improvement is achieved through setting of improvement targets during the regular Management Reviews. The Quality Management System is continuously checked through various indicators in order its effectiveness to be ensured and the Management is devoted to setting new targets and improvement programs.

The target of the company is to achieve top world level in the field of metallurgy. As well, we aim for the quality system to gradually cover all the activities of the company in order to consider it as an integrated operative system based upon the fact that the description and control of all the practices is a precondition for ensuring of good quality.

This Quality Policy is known and applied by all the personnel of the company. The Management regularly reviews the Policy to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.


Dr. Ioannis Papadimitriou

General Manager