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The variety of connectors for several uses has been increased in the last decade rapidly. Today we know connector applications in different fields, the most important one for sure is the automotive application, but we know, as well, connectors for telecommunications, computers, white & brown goods (commodity connectors) and, last but not least, for switches and relays.

All these applications have different core points: electrical conductivity, welding – and solderability, stampability, corrosion resistance, spring properties, relaxation behavior, softening and continuous use temperature, welding- and solderability

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Pure copper is still playing an important role in the spectrum of the materials to be used as connector. SOFIA MED can produce all relevant coppers in equivalent qualities like SM1100 (ETP-copper), SM1010 (OFHC-copper), SM1030 (Cu-PHC), SM1031 (Cu-HCP), SM1201 (Cu-DLP) and, last but not least: SM1220 (Cu-DHP).


Low-alloyed coppers become more and more important for electromobility applications; these are, as well, in our product range: SM201 (CuSn0.15), SM 202 (CuFe0.10), SM194 (CuFe2p) and SM301 (CuZn0.5).


The biggest volume of the connectors nowadays is still produced in brass. SOFIA MED produces all, from the low zinc content of SM305 (CuZn5) to the highest SM340 (CuZn40).  As well the replacements of CuSn6 and CuSn8 with SOFIA MED SM688 (CuZn23Al3Co) becomes more and more important.


Because of the very good relaxation behavior and the still high tensile strength with good electrical conductivity junctioned, the copper-nickel-silicons (CuNiSi or Corosons) have been identified as the most important alloys with growing rates of 2 digits. SOFIA MED can prepare the non solution annealed qualities right now for all important CuNiSi strips. Solution annealed can be produced after August 2017. SM7600 (CuNi1.5Si = C 19010), SM7025 (CuNi3SiMg = C7025)


Thickness in mm  Width in mm
0,075 - 5,00 8 - 1200

 Pretinned surface - upon request.

Multiple pancake

Thickness in mm  Width in mm
0,15 - 1,00 8 - 100
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Alloys table

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